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    Even if you don’t (already have|have} a fresh eBook to promote on the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform doesn’t have to mean that you can’t still use its rapidly growing popularity.

    You may already own an archive of older eBooks that could be used, and numerous articles or reports to compile, you could {simply|easily|without hassle|with no difficulty re-purpose your old content and put together a new eBook to put on the Amazon Kindle Publishingstore.

    There is no need to be discouraged by the daunting job of thinking about ideas to compile a brand new eBook. Just because you find that your prior written eBooks are are not newly created, maybe won’t mean that they are not still {valuable for others|valuable sources of information|valuable to others who have not come across. When recycling so to speak old eBooks to market in the preset day, just adhere to ensure that:

    • The content is still true and applicable.

    • Your work is as clear and grammatically correct as possible.

    • You are positive that there remains an audience who are interested in what you have to say.

    This is what you should do to re use this content is to easily format the book to the Kindle format using Amazon’s propriety software, and publish your work to the Kindle community. Understand that while you set the price, you will only see 35% of the suggested retail cost of each book that is sold.

    But, if you do not have already compiled eBooks that you can reuse to put on the Amazon Kindle Publishing store, do not fear. You can still re write articles, reports and some other content that is suitable by forming it into an eBook format and thus creating an entirely new creation.